Project Planning

  • Conclude project plans

    Meeting with customer

  • Define and conclude required laboratory functions

    Perform in near collaboration with customer

  • Produce technical solutions and drawings

    Perform in near collaboration with customer

  • Conclude technical solutions and sign contract

    Based on concluded technical solutions and project plan

  • Project development and milestone reporting due to project plan

    BeCo-TeC use and report on defined time schedule tailored to customer plans

  • Perform complete documentation to be prequalified by customer

    BeCo-TeC perform documentation due to customer and international standards

  • Factory acceptance test

    Customer and BeCo-TeC perform full technical and functional test with focus on HSE

  • Finalization and packing including transport

    Customer and BeCo-TeC conclude Packing and Transportation details on FAT

  • Commissioning including hook-up of process utilities

    Customer and BeCo-TeC perform Mechanical Completion Test and Commissioning Test

  • Testing and training

    Customer and BeCo-TeC check protocols on FAT

  • Site acceptance test and handover to customer

    Customer and BeCo-TeC perform and document